RVI - The Heart of Service
RVI - The Heart of Service

Over 60 Years of Experience

RVI, Inc. has over 60 years of experience as a full service provider of electronic repair, test, and Intelligent Inventory Management (Intelligent Inventory Management), where we take logistics to a whole new level.

We service such products as power supplies, communication cards, high end audio and digital/video projection equipment, network switches, disk drives, mother boards, automatic test equipment and more. We also have a robust battery life cycle management program.

RVI Has the Capabilities

RVI has the capabilities to focus on the entire effort required to bring failed and returned electronic units back into the field quickly. We know that quality, Turn-Around-Time, and detailed data are critical to meet our customer’s strict requirements. As such, RVI fulfills multiple objectives for our clients: screen, repair, and test for both in and out-of-warranty units. We also provide failure analysis, yield management to enhance production planning, and inventory and logistics management, including an OEM Vendor Management Program, to help maximize your resources.

Headquartered in Redwood Falls, MN, our centrally located North American locations, along with our assured Turn-Around-Time (TAT) of 12 business days, ensure significant cost savings for our clients. Reduced shipping costs, eliminating the need to maintain large buffer stocks and our ability to initially screen product so that functioning units can be immediately returned to the field are just some of the ways we create value for our customers. Whatever the need, RVI has the flexibility to meet your changing business requirements.

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